Our Food

Our sourdough is made fresh every day using just 4 simple ingredients; high quality grain Caputo Flour, Maldon Sea salt, water and our starter which is called the Mother.

The Mother is a wild and alive yeast that is unique to Three Joes.  We feed our mother and treat her with love and care so she continues to add beautiful sourdough flavour to our pizza.  After all, where would we be without our mother!

The last key ingredient, and one of the most valuable, is time. We give our sourdough 18-20 hours to rise before it’s ready for our oven.

To complement the sourdough base we have turned to Mount Vesuvius’ volcanic soil to source the best tomatoes we could find.  San Marzano tomatoes are regarded as the highest quality tomatoes and we add a small dash of salt before spreading it over our delicious sourdough pizza base.

The perfect partner to our sourdough and tomatoes is, of course, our cheese. We have sourced the finest Fior di Latte mozzarella we could find. After travelling far and wide, it was a small family run farm in Somerset whose mozzarella we fell in love with; their high quality cheese is made in small batches to our specification.