while you wait

Chorizo chunks 4.5

Mixed olives pb 4.25

to share before pizza

Baked camembertv
whole camembert, onion marmalade, wrapped in sourdough 15.75

salami, pepperoni, Serrano ham, artichoke & sunblush tomatoes, parmesan, freshly baked dough sticks 14.95

Garlic breadv
freshly baked sourdough, soft-neck garlic 5.25
+ add mozzarella or vegan cheese 1.5
pb ask to go vegan

non-gluten (NGCI) base available for an extra 1

sourdough pizza

We make our sourdough freshly every day using the finest Caputo flour. Then we let it ferment for 24 hours to create the perfect base for our utterly delicious Glastonbury mozzarella…

mozzarella, Italian hard cheese, fresh basil v 10.25

Whole ball buffalo
a ball of Buffalo mozzarella, Italian hard cheese, fresh basil v 12.95

Classic pepperoni
with mozzarella served with or without green chilli 11.5

Slow-roasted barbecue
shredded barbecue pork shoulder, red peppers, coriander, spring onions, smoky barbecue sauce base 14.25

Serrano ham and rocket
with sunblushed tomatoes, parmesan 13.95

Roasted flat mushroom v
with caramelised onion, oregano, rocket, lemon 11.95
+ add goat’s cheese 2.25
pb ask to go vegan

Meat up
shredded barbecue pork shoulder, salami, pepperoni, Serrano ham 14.95

with spinach, red onion, black olives, oregano, crushed red chillies, olive oil 14.5

Aubergine Parmigiana
Aubergine, mozzarella, Italian hard cheese, black olives, crushed red chilli, basil, olive oil 12.75

pb ask to go vegan

Garlic chicken and bacon
with fire roasted vine tomatoes, rocket, garlic mayonnaise 14.5

Cajun chicken
with sweetcorn, red onion, green chilli, coriander, lime 14.75

Extra toppings

mushrooms, peppers, anchovies, artichokes, sweetcorn, roasted aubergine, caramelised onion, red onion, black olives 1.75

pepperoni, salami, barbecue pork, meatballs, Cajun chicken, garlic chicken, bacon, chicken, ham, goat’s cheese, avocado 2.25

non-gluten (NGCI) base available for an extra 2 (please see our allergens list at the bottom of the page)

instead of pizza

Meatball pasta bake
mozzarella, Cheddar, tomato sauce, chilli, fresh basil 13.95

Macaroni cheese v 11.95

Mac and greensv
caramelised leeks, peas, tenderstem broccoli, green chilli 12.95

Buddha salad v
goat’s cheese, avocado, quinoa, rocket, house slaw, French dressing 12.5
+ add roasted chicken 2.25

with pizza

House slaw v
red and white cabbage, carrots, zingy mayo dressing 3.95

Garden salad v
mixed leaves, red cabbage, Italian hard cheese, French dressing 4.5

Parmentier potatoes pb
crispy potato chunks 4.75

Loaded potatoes
cheese sauce, chorizo chunks, spring onions, Cheddar 5.75

Cheese potatoes v
topped with mozzarella, Italian hard cheese 5.45

after pizza

Honeycomb sundae v
toffee sauce, honeycomb pieces, vanilla bean ice cream 5.95

Oreo sundae v
chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate sauce, cream, Oreo cookies 5.95

Chocolate brownie v
with chocolate sauce, vanilla bean ice cream 6.45

Homemade lemon cheesecake v
with berry coulis 6.25

Ice cream v
choose 2 scoops from vanilla bean, strawberry or chocolate chip 3.95

Sorbet pb
choose 2 scoops from lemon or raspberry 3.95

We use nuts in our kitchen. If you have specific dietary requirements or an allergy, please let us know. We will do our very best to accommodate you but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that our kitchens are 100% allergen-free. There may be small bones in the chicken and stones in the olives.
allergens list

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